What will you catch when Deep Sea Fishing in Cozumel?

Deep-sea fishing in Cozumel is highly popular especially in the warmer months. Not only does the island boast of its reefs and diving activities, it also has great spots for fishing. Make sure to get aboard a boat or yacht equipped with the right and necessary gears for deep-sea fishing. The crew or your guide should also know the best methods and the places to go.

Best fishing charters in cozumel

Robert from Illinois fishing with the best charters in Cozumel

What are the best deep-sea fishes to catch in Cozumel?

Deep-sea fishing is done through trolling using outriggers and downriggers. There are about 5 lines in the water at all times to maximize the chance of catching fish. On most cases, you will be able to catch the following types of fish:

Marlin – White and blue Marlins are big game fishes and are very exhilarating to catch. They are very tough, which makes catching them a big achievement. They fight to the end and won’t give you an easy catch. Once they take your bait, prepare to see an aerial display, as they will try really hard to shake the hook off. They are abundant during the months of April to July.

Sailfish – The name Sailfish came from this fish’s large dorsal fin, which resembles a sail. It is considered as one of the target species in the area because of its abundance. Like the Marlin, this fish is noted for its fighting ability; it spends a considerable amount of time both in the air and in the water just to try and get off the hook. It is difficult to catch; there is a lot of waiting time in both waiting for it to take the bait and keeping it on the line. You’re more likely to spot them on the months of March to July.

Wahoo – This is a very fast fish that is known for its hard running speeds of 45 miles per hour. They look very enticing because of its long slender body and blue vertical stripes. Wahoo is a very tasty fish especially when grilled. This is one of the fishes that after you catch, can be placed in the grill for a tasty lunch or afternoon snack after a tiring day of deep-sea fishing. The Wahoo is abundant during the months of November, December, and April.

Mahi-Mahi – Also known as the dolphinfish, Mahi-Mahi is sought after by sport fishing enthusiast because of its beauty, size, food quality, and healthy population. They are found mostly during the warm months because they love thriving in the warm waters. Its gold-green and blue colors make it the most appealing fish to catch because it is the only colorful fish among the game fishes in Cozumel. This pretty and delicious fish is abundant during the months of May to July.


Most of the game fish sought for deep-sea fishing are available all year round while they are more abundant during the warm weathers. What better way than to spend summer in the beach with your family and dedicate a day or two for catching big game through deep-sea fishing in Cozumel? You will surely have a grand time battling with fighter fishes and enjoying a nice meal of what you have caught after a long, tiring day.