Fishing in Cozumel Mexico: The Complete Guide for 2024

Cozumel is one of the most beautiful islands in Mexico. Here, the reefs are the best for fishing. The island hosts one of the most extensive reefs in the world. So, the fishing spots in Cozumel will impress any fisherman.

That's because of the big game fish in the world is here. Fish such as wahoo, mahi-mahi, barracuda, groupers, amberjack, kingfish, snapper, marlin, triggerfish, sailfish, can be found in these beautiful reefs.

Best of all, you don't have to wait for hours to get to the best cozumel deep sea fishing spots in Cozumel. Just a few minutes from the island you can start an unforgettable fishing adventure.

That's why anglers visit Cozumel all the time. Our Caribbean grounds allow fun, safe, and beautiful fishing experiences for the whole family. Also, you can snorkel and eat delicious food here too.

Why is Fishing in Cozumel good all-year-round?

William fishing the big catch in a Cozumel deep sea fishing tour.

Although the favorite tourist season is December, anglers visit the island in the warmer months, mainly from April to August, because these are when most fish are active.

However, the climate in Cozumel is stable and warm. That's why fishing here in any month of the year is a good option. April is a good season because it is when the billfish starts moving in the area.

The heat is generally comfortable for most people, especially for the anglers who stuck in the weather for long periods.

The rainy season in Cozumel starts in late summer or early fall. But it doesn't affect the fishing activities.

Our recommendation is to come on the dates that fit you the most. The fishing tours we offer are coordinated with the schedules of arrivals by ferry, allowing you to manage your plan without any problem.

Also, the boats are safe, and our English-speaking guides will help you so that you have an excellent deep sea fishing experience.

What is the best option for Fishing in Cozumel near the Cruise Port?

Cozumel doesn’t only boast of its reefs and abundant marine life; it also offers the perfect spots that anglers would love.

Many companies offer fishing trips here. The problem is that not all are legitimate. Many of these tour companies do not know the island and do not know where it is safe to fish.

That is why it is crucial to choose very well which company will take you to fish. Something that you must not forget is that in Cozumel a fishing license is required to go fishing in these waters. With our tours, we take care of this matter, so you don't need to worry about anything.

Sheila and her family very funny after a sunny day of fishing.

Some of the best places are just minutes from the coast. With our fishing tours, the meeting point is the Cruise Pier, and we will go out to the most abundant and safest fishing areas for your group. Our cozumel deeep sea fishing charters allows us to have a comfortable and safe trip, so we can to take you to catch wahoo, mahi-mahi, yellowfin tuna, and barracuda when deep sea fishing; and grouper, snapper, triggerfish, mackerel, and amberjack when bottom fishing near the reefs with weighted lines.

Is Fishing in Cozumel from Shore a good option?

Krista and her party preparing the tackle for their fishing trip.

Short answer: it is not.

Fishing in these blue and shallow waters is an incredible experience. Of course, the best way to enjoy it is in a charter. The best fishing areas in Cozumel are not accessible from the shore.

Fishing on the shore is possible. But it's not a good option when you're looking for the best fish.

If you want to get the most out of this paradise island, a fishing trip (either bottom fishing or deep sea fishing) is the best option. Also, you do not have to worry about finding the best place to fish.

Our guides have more than 30 years of accumulated fishing experience in Cozumel.

What type of Fishing Trips are available in Cozumel?

The fishing options are two mainly: bottom fishing and deep sea fishing. The only difference is the distance and, of course, the fish that you will catch.

Our charters offer a combo of bottom fishing and deep sea fishing, taking you to the closest fishing areas in Cozumel, but with the possibility of catching the big game. Thus, your group can enjoy the full experience.

If you come with your family, we also recommend the option of fishing and snorkeling. Our team is made up with snorkeling and fishing guides so you can swim with your family in the calm waters of Cozumel, in addition to catching a good fish.

Cecil lifting a big fish he caught in the fishing charter trip.

Also, after the trip, your group can enjoy their catch at the restaurant of your choice.

What are the Benefits of hiring CozumelDeepSeaFishing to take you Fishing?

We are a family-owned tours company. That means that we do each trip the professional way. Our small and expert group of guides will take you to an unforgettable fishing experience without any concern for your group.

Every day, Cozumel receives thousands of tourists from around the world. Therefore, it is tough to find a tour company that cares about its customers. We, at every moment, offer the best of our team and English-speaking guides.

By our past customers, we are considered the leading company of fishing tours. Our boats are fully equipped for your favorite fishing style, and for the group that comes with you. No worries. Just fun and the big game caught.