What are the best Cozumel Fishing Seasons?

Tourists visit Cozumel all year round because there is not a wrong time of the year to be in this tropical Caribbean island. You can do still do a lot of things even if the weather is cold or rainy as it does not affect both snorkelers, divers, and anglers.

There may be slight differences on what you can catch depending on Cozumel fishing seasons but regardless, fish are still plentiful in Cozumel; this is the reason why anglers regularly set fishing trips on this Caribbean island because of its healthy and bountiful marine life.

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What types of fish will you catch in Cozumel according to the Fishing Calendar?

Richard happy with his fishing of the day in the depths of Cozumel sea.

Although the favorite tourist season in Cozumel is considered to fall on December to March, anglers choose to visit in the warm months, mainly from April to August, because these are when most fish are active. The hottest month is August, which averages eighty degrees at night and ninety-five degrees during the day.

The heat is generally comfortable for most people, especially the anglers who stuck in the weather for long periods. The rainy season in Cozumel starts in late summer or early fall.

What types of fish can you expect to catch while Deep Sea Fishing?

If you are an angler visiting Cozumel for deep sea fishing activities & tours, you should go in April, when the billfish starts moving in the area.

You are sure to catch yourself some big fishes such as Blue Marlin, White Marlin, and Sailfish by May to June when they are settling in and are most bountiful.

If you are targeting to catch Barracuda, Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, and Wahoo, they are around Cozumel’s area all year round.

William fishing the big catch in a Cozumel deep sea fishing tour.

How can you get the best fishing experience all year-round?

To maximize your fishing experience in cozumel and avoid disappointments, always check the Cozumel fishing calendar. Since there is almost always something to catch all year round in Cozumel, many anglers prefer to book their fishing trips around this area.

Beginners, who are not targeting billfish, can go anytime they like and avoid the peak season where rates are much higher.

Seasoned anglers who are going for the big game should be present in Cozumel during the warm months when big fighting fishes are plentiful and willing to take the bait.

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